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Luna Maya was born in Denpasar, Bali on August 26, 1983. Luna Maya is one of Indonesia’s most popular actresses – as well as one of its most successful models. She is also committed to helping her fellow Indonesians through charity and social work. Luna began her career as professional model in 1999 – at the age of just 16. She instantly made a name for herself and soon became one of the most sought after models in Indonesia.
By 2002, she was modeling full time – appearing in runway shows, and on the cover of a host of high-profile magazines, including Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. However, Luna was determined to branch out into acting and in 2003 she appeared for the first time on television – in shows produced by MD Entertainment, such as Kau dan Aku. Her debut movie was called 30 DAYS LOOKING FOR LOVE (2004) followed shortly after by BROWNIES (2005). Luna’s first leading role was in WARD 13 (2005) and her name as a big movie star was cemented after the film SILVER LOVE with Rima Melati and Catherine Wilson. Since then Luna has featured in several films including ROOM, JAKARTA UNDERCOVER, ALEXANDRIA and MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN.
In 2006, Luna was nominated for Best Leading Actress at the Indonesian Film Festival for her role in ROOM. Luna also is involved in television series including: AND, YOU AND I, THERE'S LOVE, MY SECRET and CHIC. In this year also, she was being the endorser of beauty soap Lux.

Luna's latest daily television show is called 'Dahsyat' and is a music programme. The programme features both local and international music and more recently Luna Maya had the opportunity to interview US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to Indonesia. Luna maya also determined as #1 Highest Paid TV Star 2009 dan #3 Highest Paid Actress 2009 by Indonesia's Showbiz Insiders. And recently, Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpn, her sweatheart, play a role as beauty soap advertisement, LUX in couple version. Her latest movie in 2010 is ratu kosmopolitan, which is action comedy genre.

Unfortunately, Luna maya also often get the bad issues in the December 2009, such as when Luna Maya make a tweet in her twitter, which said infotainment journalists are worse than prostitutes and murderers. Luna became infuriated with the journalists when she was hounded during a trip to the mall with Peterpan band front man Ariel and his daughter. When Luna was surrounded by the journalists, Ariels daughters head was accidentally knocked by a journalists camera causing the child to cry out. That incident was the reason for the "tweets" that day. However, infotainment media has repeatedly exposed intimacy between Luna and Ariel, and even published several gossip related pieces related to them.

And recently, on June 2010, there is a hot issue again on luna maya and Ariel related to porn video spreaded in the internet in which shows the similar face of Luna Maya and Ariel Peterpan.
Related to all that issues, Luna Maya face them wisely and just say that the porn video are fitnah, or black issues.
Beside her heavy activities in entertainment, Luna is also determined to pursue her passion for charity and social work – as well as her increasingly successful acting and modeling careers. In fact, before joining the acting world, her ambition had been to work for the United Nations – the reason why she took International Relations as her major at Paramadina University in Jakarta. She has been involved in a number of social and humanitarian activities. She has worked with WALHI – Indonesia’s leading environmental NGO – to highlight the importance of Earth Day, as well as appearing at fundraising events for victims of the tsunami in Aceh. In 2008, Luna also won a competition to carry the Olympic torch around central Jakarta as part of the ceremonial trip of the Olympic torch to Beijing.
Luna has also played a crucial role over the last four years at Walk the World Indonesia to raise awareness about hunger and malnutrition and what WFP is doing to address these. Luna attracts many famous local celebrities who participate in a large scale charity concert after each year's walk.
In 2008, there were more than 12,000 participants at the Jakarta event alone. The events in Indonesia over the last few years have raised more than $250,000 for the WFP school feeding programme. Luna’s participation always helps focus the media’s attention on the event and the issue of hunger. In October 2008 she shot a video Public Service Announcement to advocate for WFP School Feeding Projects in Indonesia. In November 2007, following years of proven and remarkable commitment to raise awareness and funds for the World Food Programme Luna was appointed WFP National Ambassador Against Hunger for Indonesia.

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