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Tamara Bleszynski binti Zbigniew Bleszyński or Tamara Natalia Christina Mayawati Bleszyński, is familiar with Tamara Bleszynski (was born in Bandung, Indonesia, 25 December 1974) is Indonesian actress and model.
Her father is from Polish, while her mother is from Sunda, West Java. Since she was a little girl, she would like to be an actress. Therefore, when she was in her high school in Australia, she was also took the extra curricular drama. After graduated from her St. Bridge College Australia and got her title as the bachelor of BusinessManagement in Australia, she came back to Indonesia. Then, she was with her friend, Cindy Claudia Harahap took many casting as a model and endorser for many advertisement. Then, on 1996, she got her first acting in the electronic cinema titled Asmara. Beside taking a cast in electronic cinema, she also play a theatre.
In 1997, she was become a Mu'allaf (Mosleemah) and got married to Teuku Rafly Pasya bin Teuku Syahrul in Masjidil Haram, Mecca. Then, in February 4, 1999, she got a birth named Rassya Islamay Passya. Unfortunately, this marriage could not last forever. In September 7th, 2005, she sued for divorcing, but until February 1st, 2006, this couple was divorced.
Then, in February 2nd, 2010, Tamara remarried again with Mike Lewis (was born in Tokyo, 22 October 1981) in Bali.
Beside known as the georgeous and multi talented celebritiy, she also is known as the dedicated actress who will do the best totally for any role she plays. For her dedication as an actress, she is known as the highest payed actress in Indonesia. As the endorser of Lux Beauty Soap, she is awarded as the hghest payed and the longest endorser.

Cinematography List:

Anakku Terlahir Kembali (1997)
Shangrilla Asmara Do'a Membawa Berkah 1 (2001)
Do'a Membawa Berkah 2 (2002)
Wah Cantiknya (2001) Ikhlas (2003)
Putri Cantik (2004)
Iman (2005)
Hikmah 1 (2004)
Hikmah 2 (2005)
Hikmah 3 (2006)
Goal (2005)
Opera SMU (2002)

Dibalik Jendela Astrid (2002)
Iman "Mayat Penjudi Sulit Dikebumikan"(2005)

As Cleopatra in Julio Caesar Dengan Kasih Sayang (2002)
Bajing Lompat

OST Doa Membawa Berkah (2001)
Puisi Aceh (Tsunami)(2005)

Issue (2004)
The Big Day (Lux Short Movie-as Tatiana) (2006)
Sang Penari
Air Terjun Pengantin

Lux (Bintang Lux terlama +15 tahun)
KIA Samsung
Kopi Luwak
Diamond Icon Vaseline
Markisa Juice Pohon Pinang

Clip Video:
Peterpan - Khayalan Tingkat Tinggi Dewa 19

Aktris Terfavorit versi Panasonic Awards 2005
Aktris Terfavorit versi Panasonic Awards 2004
Aktris dan Model Tervaforit Awardness 2005
Aktris dengan Image Terbaik, Tercantik, Termodern dan Terintelektual versi majalah Marketing 2004
Aktris dengan Payudara Terindah versi majalah Dewi 1997/1998
Artis Indonesia Termahal Bintang Lux terlama

Tamara Bleszinsky, Teuku Rafly Pasya, Toriq, Cindy Claudia Harahap

The beauty of Tamara Bleszinsky

Tamara Bleszinsky and Teuku Rafly

Tamara Blszinsky, Rassya, and Teuku Rafly

Tamara Bleszinsky and Mike Lewis

Tamara Bleszinsky and Mike Lewis

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