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Julia Perez or known as Jupe was born in Jakarta, July 15, 1980. Her original name is Yuli Rachmawati. She is the model, singer, and actress in Indonesia who always perform ssensationally and sensually (sexy) in any chances.
Her career was began when she got her job training as a secretary in a private company and then she got the opportunity to continue her education in Holland.
Her acquaintance with Damien Perez (Yusuf Perez), a model who then married her open her opportunity widely to perform as a model of FHM and Maxim Magazine in French. Afterward, she often appeared as the sexy model and began well known, even she was selected as the 100 sexiest woman in version of FHM and Maxim Magazines. In Indonesia she also well known as a sexy star through the cinema electronic such as CINTA LOKASI, KOMEDI NAKAL, PENJAGA PANTAI and also LEPAS MALAM itu mendapat nominasi 100 wanita terseksi versi majalah FHM dan Maxim.
Jupe, now has been living in Indonesia and she often play a role in cinema electronic among other things MAAFKAN AKU, KEJAR MAYA, RAHASIA ILAHI, HIDAYAH, DOA, MIMPI MANIS, PEREMPUAN TERANIAYA, and also as the endorsers of many product advertisings. Beside as a model, endorser, and an actress, Jupe also attempted to be as a singer and her choice as a singer also can raise her career in entertainment. On April 2008, she launched her first album titled KAMASUTRA, with hit single Belah Duren. This first album raised the controversial opinion from people in Indonesia, because Jupe give condoms free for the buyers of this album. Even, this albums and her performance was boycotted in several places in Indonesia.
In 2009, Jupe accomplished her film titled HANTU JAMU GENDONG, Indika Entertainment Productions. In this film, jupe also play a role as a sexy woman such as the other roles. Even, in the middle of February 2009, her private sexy photos can be accessed via internet.
Jupe always make the innovation in her life. Not only in entertainment, she also hold the new business 1n 2009. She established the Champions Soccer School in Rasuna Sahid., supported by Gaston Castano.
In the middle of November 2009, Jupe was trusted to be brand ambassador of condom brand. And for three years future she should do campaigns for HIV/AIDS knowledge and education.
In the mend of 2009, Jupe and Gaston went to Argentina to meet the family of Gaston and also to broaden her knowledge about Soccer Business.
In Januari 2010, Jupe play her film JSSSSTT...JADIKAN AKU SIMPANAN. And in this month too, Jupe joined in Maia Estianty Management.
In the early of March 2010, Jupe made the sensation again. She became a candidate of the assistant of leader of Pacitan District (Wakil Bupati). But Julia is famous for her risque roles in films, which have triggered protests by some Pacitan residents. Some Pacitan fishermen have questioned Julias nomination, saying that not only did Julia have no experience in politics, but that she was a poster child for vulgarity and lewdness. They also objected to her appearance in condom ads. For this challenge, Jupe had Gusti Randa to accompay her as her public speaker.

Unfortumately, her marriage life was not raised well as her career. In the early of 2009, her marriage got trouble, due to her close relationship with Gaston Castano, the football player from Argentina who plaed in Indonesia for Persiba Bandung. Even, in early March 2009, Jupe nd Gastano had a holiday together intimately in a beach. And, although her divorcion process with Damien have not been got solution, she had been always with Gastano intimately.
Then in July 2009, Jupe and Damien agreed to accomplish her divorcion process, but this could not be held well, because this couple was got married in French, so their marriage is not admitted in Indonesia. On this problem, Jupe and Damien agreed to hold the cost of divorcion together.
Not only that, Jupe also got the problem with her father, Angkasajaya, and this makes her relationship with her father get worse on October 2009. Even, Jupe sued her father to police in which this is going on until 2010.

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